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Barth-Haas Hop Aroma Standards Kit


Study up on your smells and put your sniffer to the test with the Barth-Haas Hop Aroma Standards Kit. The kit is available for the first time after many years of work by the brains over at John I. Haas. It is perfect for brewers of any size, from hobbyists to professionals, who want to refine their language and knowledge about the various aromas that present in hops. Get yours today, because there is no better learning than lupulin learning!

The Hop Aroma Standards Kit contains 12 individual aroma vials each representing one of the aroma categories that comprise the 12-point Barth-Haas sensory language. The Kit has been created as a tool to train brewers and the brewing industry on the unique aromas of hops. Each vial is made up of food-grade compounds that were developed for smelling (orthonasal),
not for consumption.

STORAGE: Keep cold. Keep dark. Stays true for 6 months.

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