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Brewers Best Belgian Saison


A light bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and a slight orange hue from the steeping grains. Belgian-style candi syrup lends a faint caramel sweetness and a hint of fresh plums. The included Belgian yeast strain completes this farmhouse style ale by contributing a spicy and peppery background.

4 lb Light Dry Malt Extract
1 lb Belgian Candi Syrup
1 lb Vienna Malt
12 oz Flaked Wheat
4 oz Caramel 30L Malt
Spice Pack
1 oz Hallertau Hop Pellets for Bittering
1/2 oz Hersbrucker Hop Pellets for Flavor
1/2 oz Hersbrucker Hop Pellets for Aroma
Danstar Belle Saison Dry Ale Yeast
5 oz Priming Sugar
1 Muslin Bag
60 Bottle Caps

Yield: 5 gal
IBU: 20 - 25
OG: 1.048 - 52
FG: 1.011 - 15
ABV: 5.25% - 5.75%
Difficulty: Intermediate
Color: Deep Gold

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