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Catalyst 6.5 Gal Fermenter


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The Catalyst’s tank is made from Tritan®, a medical-grade, BPA-free, polymer. This food-safe polymer is the highest quality ever used in a fermenter, providing the clarity of glass with the durability and convenience of plastic. This material acts as an excellent barrier against oxygen, is highly scratch-resistant and is even dishwasher safe, withstanding temperatures of up to 230º Fahrenheit. Benefits include:

Conical tank with 45°angle concentrates trub and yeast
Includes a proprietary 3" butterfly valve - no clogs!
Silicone gasket with multi-surface contact ensures a perfect seal
All steps in one vessel: Primary, Secondary, Yeast Harvesting and Bottling
Strong and durable stand, designed with I-Beam and honeycomb structure

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

A Great Fermenter for a Clean Brew, 22nd Jul 2020

Reviewer: Pete Kurucz

A definite upgrade from the buckets and carboys! No transfers needed at all, until it goes into your bottles.

Very well constructed stand, plastic bottle, and gasket-sealed lid. A few important things to know before using for the first time:
- The butterfly valve and the mason jar should be screwed on hand-tight. The equipment is more resilient than it looks, so don't be afraid to tighten it a more if it is still leaking after filling.
- The kit comes with a relatively small wide-mouth mason jar. Get a larger jar to catch the first round of sediment. Replace the larger jar with the original jar to catch the yeast to save for next time.
- The butterfly valve might not close completely on the first try. I found this out the hard way on my first use. Keep rotating the handle tightly to the close position because it does seal.
- With all that in mind, it would be a good idea to have a large baking pan underneath, in case there are still any small leaks.

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