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Vintage Shop

Vintage Shop 2 Roller Grain Mill

$99.99 $79.99 $20.00

Because of the surge in COVID-19 related milling needs we are discounting our Evil Twin two-roller mill to 80 bucks (our wholesale cost) to keep you brewing and us flowing as well as possible. Our in-store mills are very high contact and while we are sanitizing them regularly this chore may best be done at home for the foreseeable future.

NOTE: this discount is for local DMV customers also purchasing grain bills. Distant orders for mills only will be politely cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

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Good Mill - No information on how to use it., 23rd Apr 2020

Reviewer: Christian Bjornson

It would be helpful if the mill came with some information on proper roller spacing for grain. As a beginner, I struggled finding anything about this topic or how grain should look after milling. In the end, I just guessed and everything worked out, but it would be nice to have some guidance.

Definitely a great buy., 28th Mar 2020

Reviewer: Radames Gonzalez

Thanks to MYLHBS for discounting this mill due to current circumstances. It was greatly appreciated. The assembly was very straight forward. The “flaps” on the bottom of the hopper may touch the rollers when assembled. Just bend them a little bit away from the rollers and you should be fine if that happens. I did not adjust rollers out of the box. It came with a decent gap for a nice crush. It helped me achieve 82% efficiency. I am extremely happy with it.

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