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myLHBS Hop Ambrosia Double IPA


We took the best attributes from all of our favorite commercial IPAs and created this beervana in a pint glass. We bet you'll make this one more than once -- it's definitely a favorite here. Top quality dry yeast is included but if you prefer liquid cultures we recommend pitching 2 packs, or making a starter from Wyeast American Ale (don't forget to protect your liquid yeast during warm periods with an ice pack).

Bottle Caps (55) and Priming Sugar (5 oz) sold separately.

Yield: 5 gal (4.5 gal final yield)
Ready: 5 - 7 weeks
Difficulty: Easy
OG: 1.083
FG: 1.012
ABV: 9.3%
Bitterness: 98 IBU
Color: Deep Gold

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