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Danstar Yeast

Lallemand Abbaye Belgian Ale Yeast (11 g)


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Just like Leffe, 20th Jun 2020

Reviewer: John Maye

About 25 years ago I went to Paris for work and had a Leffe, a Belgium abbaye Ale, and fell in love with this style of beer. Although they now sell Leffe here in the States, I brew my own using this yeast and it comes out great. I use 10 pounds of Belgium Pilsner Malt, 1/2 lb of Belgium Aromatic Malt and 300 grams of sugar. I shoot for 6.5% ABV. Tastes great. I've tried other abbey ale yeast but this one works best. Fairly fast fermentations, usually done in 3 days at RT, I let it sit another two days, rack into Carboy, refridgerate 2 weeks (three is better) keg 30 psi for 1.5 days, and reduce pressure to 8 psi and enjoy!

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