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Brewers Best

Brewers Best One Gallon Belgian Tripel


Mildly sweet on the palate, slightly spicy in the nose, and overall delish. The five gallon version of this kit is a year-round best seller.

1 lb, 4 oz Pilsen Light Dry Malt Extract
10 oz Belgian Candi Sugar
2 oz Aromatic Malt
5 g Brewers Gold Hop Pellets for Bittering
3 g Galena Hop Pellets for Flavoring
Safbrew S-33 Ale Yeast
1 oz Priming Sugar
1 Muslin Steeping Bag
15 Bottle Caps

Yield: 1 gal
IBU: 32 - 36
OG: 1.074 - 78
FG: 1.009 - 13
ABV: 8.5% - 9.0%
Difficulty: Easy
Color: Deep Gold

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