Summer Hours: Closed Tuesdays beginning May 31. Regular storefront hours resume after Labor Day. Webstore open 24/7 but in-person shopping is faster. Cheers!


Do you sell equipment, ingredients and supplies for distilling?


If you have questions about the legality of home distillation (and the corresponding state and federal penalties) contact:

VA ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement
Main: (804) 213-4565
Crimeline: (866) 437-3155 

Local Special Agents: 
6308 Grovedale Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22310
Phone: (703) 313-4432 

How old do I have to be to shop at myLHBS?

At least 21.

Do you sell bulk extract?

We stock 32 lb growlers of Briess liquid malt extracts as well as 55 lb boxes of Muntons dry malt extracts. A growler of LME works out to be only $2.00 a pound! 

Can you crush my grain?

We have two hand cranked mills available to our customers for crushing grain purchased from us. Crushing is not available for 50 or 55 lb sacks. If you are ready to buy a mill we can help you choose from our reasonably priced options. Despite the initial cost this will let you crush any grain at any time, in any way you want to, plus save money buying bulk grain from us.

What’s the smallest amount of grain I can buy?

We sell bags of grain as small as 1 lb that are professionally packaged to prevent cross contamination and maximize freshness. We stock almost 100 varieties and receive fresh inventory every week. Many base malts are available in 10 lb bags and 50 or 55 lb sacks. We also offer 36+ varieties of Scoop Your Own specialty grain in fractional amounts including exotic varieties such as Golden Naked Oats and Spelt malt.

What kind of hops do you carry? And in what sizes?

We sell pelletized Artisan, BSG and Yakima Chief Hopunion (YCH) hops in professionally packaged, nitrogen flushed barrier bags. All varieties are available in 1 oz packs and many popular hops are also stocked in 8 oz bags. Our selection (dependant on crop) is large and includes many hard to find hops and new varieties. We keep our prices reasonable, and never break down hops (which exposes them to the rapid staling effects of environmental air).

Do you sell liquid yeast?

Yes. Although we specialize in Imperial, we carry many other brands of liquid yeast too. We also stock an extensive selection of top quality dried varieties including Mangrove Jack.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as Google and Apple Pay. We don't take company or personal checks. Our webstore also accepts PayPal payments.

Can you refill my CO2 tank?

We don’t refill, but we do exchange 5, 10 and 20 lb tanks. We do this because our gas vendor maintains the tanks so you don't have too, and fills them professionally and accurately. We also sell filled tanks outright and stock modest amounts of blended “Guinness Gas” and Nitrogen.

Please make sure to remove your regulator before bringing in your tank.